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Become a Sense Pro with no commitment required. Price discounts, training, tools and support will energize your profits and satisfy customers.

Generate Business

Sense drives customer satisfaction. Tracking home energy use through our engaging mobile app, they manage resources and stay in touch. More referrals means better business.

Become a Sense Pro

Become a Sense Pro

Become a Sense Pro

Sense Pro Advantages

Personal Touch

Promote personal brands by adding your logo and company name to our app. Build connections through direct, one touch contact on customer mobile devices.

Simple Installation

Sense Pro App provides step-by-step installation guides. Verify strong, stable connections in 30-minutes or less.

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See The Big Picture

Fleet Manager grants easy access to daily energy use, solar production stats and issue detection. Receive detailed appliance data for all installed monitors.

Get Revenue Grade

Upgrade to our UL- certified, solid core sensors to validate solar generation data at an accuracy level of +/- 0.5%.

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Sense is a proud member of:

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Keith Murphy Rising Sun Solar

“Sense is a great add-on that complements our solar power product mix perfectly. Since adding Sense as a partner, we’re noticing our closing percentages increase and our customers are about as excited to get Sense installed as they are solar itself.”
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Rich Williams Alliance Green Builders

“When we installed a Sense device in a home that was not achieving net zero energy but should be, the owners figured out how to reduce their consumption dramatically and instantaneously. The home has been running net zero energy ever since.”

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We’ll review your information

Our partnerships team will be in touch for any extra information they might need.

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Once you’re approved you’ll receive:​

Log in information for the Pro Store with your discount automatically applied.

Marketing and sales enablement materials to help you get started.

Free training webinars for your sales and installation teams.

Exclusive access to our support team and materials to ensure your installations go smoothly.

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Try Sense and share your powerful experience with customers. Save 15% in our Pro trial program for licensed professionals. (Offer limited to two Sense monitors.)

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